3558 Ridgewood Rd. | Fairlawn, Ohio 44333


I got along well with all the staff. They all have been marvelous. Kelli, your respiratory therapist is amazing. The nurses … I just cant say enough great things about them. I really liked it at Timberland Ridge. I was very happy with my care and would recommend it to all!

Judy B.

From my first walk through with Tara, to moving day and everything in between… I was sure that Timberland Ridge was the facility I wanted for my Aunt’s care. I moved my Aunt to Ohio from Las Vegas with the intention of her living in my home. Due to her dementia and decline, that was not possible long term. I have been very lucky in my choices for her care and that has been due to Timberland Ridge. I was impressed with all of the staff I had met on the initial tour.. There was a sense of purpose and genuine caring. All of this before any residents had moved in.

What continues to make me happy with Timberland Ridge is the staff. The facility is beautiful but the staff is the heart of the place. The staff genuinely loves my Aunt. During the COVID shut down. I felt as if I had abandoned her. The staff has kept me informed in a personal way, making me feel that my Aunt has a hand to hold. Most importantly, she is happy.

I would recommend Timberland Ridge to anyone looking for placement for a loved one. The personal care is most important to me. From her favorite foods, to interests and health… I have felt that my Aunt is the only patient and I am the only family Timberland Ridge has to deal with. To me, that is EXCEPTIONAL care, and a sense of home.

Family Member - LTC Resident

I am so happy I chose Timberland Ridge for my care. I am happy about getting off the ventilator and to be honest... I never thought it would happen. I thought the process would be horrible but Kelli has made this process easy and seamless.

This is my first spring that doesn't feel normal. I am used to taking care of my farm and family. But Kelli gives me incentive to get my life back the most 'normal' it can be. She has done nothing but amazing things to help wean me from my vent and trach.

Today was my first time outside since November and it was beautiful. It is all thanks to Kelli and the nursing team and I can't thank them enough.